The Freelance Industry Still On The Rise [Infographic]

The days of the traditional 9-5 office job are over for many millions as the freelance industry continues to grow in size and freelance writing positions are some of the most common of all.

But why has this rise occurred, especially over the last 5 years? Well, firstly you still have a lot of people out of work after the 2008 financial crisis and, since this major event, many have been looking for ways to make a living. Freelancing was and is an arena that anyone can explore with very low barriers to entry so it makes an ideal choice for many.

But you also have a huge surge in the importance of the online world to businesses both digital and bricks and mortar. This has meant that writers, along with designers and developers have seen more contract jobs hit the market.

Aside from those who are turning to freelancing out of need, you also have the lifestyle freelancers who have decided that enough is enough and that they want out of the corporate world.

Thanks to low cost travel and worldwide fast internet availability, many people (young professionals especially) are opting to live abroad either in one place or constantly on the move. This not only allows them to experience the world but, because many other countries have lower levels of income, they can afford to compete for more opportunities on the freelance job boards while still enjoying a certain level of comfort in their new surroundings.

It’s not all beaches and backpacking though. The data on which the infographic is based shows that 30% of all freelancers work more than 40 hours a week which is more than the average American. On the flip side, this means that 70% of freelancers must be working less than this.

freelancing infographic - facts and figures

Research and designed by Brian Fenwick, this infographic shows the current and potential future state of the freelancing industry. Brian was made redundant at the start of the economic crisis and has been writing every since.

10 thoughts on “The Freelance Industry Still On The Rise [Infographic]

  1. Being a freelancer writter is a dream of freedom, although at the end it can turn into writting on the computer at home a lot of hours a day and it can be then the same thing as a regular job, ain’t it?

    • Ironically, it does end up like a regular job. But the great thing about it is it gives you the freedom to choose the projects you want, to work wherever and whenever you feel like it. Plus, it can broaden your horizons the way travelers learn so much about the world. Freelancing has taught me so many things I wouldn’t have learned in an enclosed office.
      Thanks for dropping by, Kuya Manzano!

  2. I can call myself as a FREELANCER because I am the BOSS, I work flexible with my schedule and most of all I am just in my house working. Love the idea of how internet connection help us, as single mom like me who wanted to stay at home and at the same time manage to do my chores as a mom.

    • You’re absolutely right! Freelancing is awesome because it gives us freedom to choose what, where, and when to work. And it doesn’t have to take time away from the things that matter most–like family.

    • You should try it, even as a sideline initially. It’s a great way to do the thing you love the most and still make a good income. I’ll have more info for those who are interested in freelancing in here that you can check out. If you have any questions about freelancing, please let me know. I’d be happy to share what I know.

    • It’s the same with me. Freelancing offered me the freedom to work according to my terms and not someone else’s. So glad to meet other freelancers here. Thanks, Janice! Hope you enjoy the other content of this blog.

  3. Freelance writing job is what my work right now for about 3 years. I like this coz I still have time for my family at any time. My experience is great! But there are times that my clients rarely gave me projects. That is one of the problem I encountered so far.

    • I hear you, Allen. There are definitely pros and cons to freelancing but I feel that the challenges are worth it because I enjoy the freedom it brings. I think all of us go through the famine phase. I’ve had long bouts of that and it sucks. But there’s always a way to get through it.

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